Web Strategy

Our Approach

We believe success comes from collaboration and human contact and are always available to answer questions or brainstorm about your next project. No two clients have exactly the same issues and it is through our custom approach that we will find the best and most cost-effective solutions to your specific business objectives.

We invest the time in getting to know your core business, identifying ways to integrate legacy systems, leveraging historical assets and coming up with a winning approach. You will receive tailored recommendations based on your budget, timeline and goals.


Measurement is essential to developing a successful Internet presence. At Dawley & Associates we can plan and implement a strategy to track the success of your online efforts, whether through third-party products or a custom solution. Knowing who your visitors are, how they reach your site and how they navigate once they’re there are fundamental to creating an online presence that will keep customers on your site longer and coming back more often. Dawley & Associates can provide you with concise, easy-to-use reports that will help ensure your site gives visitors what they’re looking for.

Our reports and tools help determine which aspects of a website, email campaign or pay-per-click advertising are working most effectively for you and provide excellent metrics for reporting to executives or boards.

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